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Get Your New Home Designed by best Experienced Architects in Kerala

Best Architects & Building Designers in Idukki, Kerala | Shelter Living

Shelter Living is an architectural firm with the best architects in Idukki. As a professional team, we ensure that every project is completed on time, within budget, and with a high-quality standard because we are passionate about delivering nothing less than the best. You can hire the top architects & designers in Kerala with us.

As a leading architect firm located in Idukki with the best architects in Kerala, we have a lot to offer. Our goal is to help our clients create the home of their dreams. From start to finish, our highly skilled team can provide a complete solution for the entire project. Each time we approach a new project, we meet the client face-to-face and work closely to meet their needs and ensure they are happy. We offer you the best Architectural Design in Kerala.


Site Survey

Our Experienced Designer will visit your site and take laser-accurate measurements and take photographs of your project. We will provide regular updates, then you can keep track of the project. In addition to a step-by-step guide that makes sure everything is running smoothly. We believe architecture is a tool that can use to connect people more deeply. Having a space that is easy on the eye, the mind, and the body is one of our most cherished goals.

Initial Design Stage

Whenever we work on a client’s project, our team will prepare full proposals and sections. They are detailed architectural drawings that can be used for planning and estimating construction costs. We have a team of talented architects who are passionate about designing homes that fit people and spaces.

Technical Design & Building Regulations

Once your planning application is approved, we will move straight to technical design. We will transform your vision into something that can be built. Our goal is to design a building regulation solution that is simple and cost-effective. As one of the top architectural firms in Kerala, we are always available to help you with your building regulations project. It should be our priority to understand and respond to each client’s needs and desires.

3D Printed Models

Upon completion of these steps, our 3D Specialist will create an actual 3D model of the design and structure so our clients can review it in detail. It will be helpful to our clients to understand some complex elements of our work with this 3D model. We strive to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible.

Tender Documents

After all, an attractive tender package can be provided by our company that compliments the design of our client. This assurance helps our clients feel confident that they are receiving the most accurate quote.

How We Work With You

Every Design we produce takes into account the needs of our society and the goals of our clients. Keeping in mind the budget and needs of each of our clients, we provide tailored services. When it comes to helping our clients, we are always looking for innovative solutions and exceeding their expectations. As one of Idukki’s top architectural design firms, we conduct interior design work for houses, offices, industrial buildings, and shops, among other commercial spaces.